Investment, construction and management of residential construction and administrative buildings` projects


We offer a real estate purchase option in a luxurious residential building located in Vitosha residential complex


About ESI-Ko

A team of highly qualified specialists, equipped with their own construction machinery, Ethical approach and commitment to highest professional standards

The company “ESI-Ko” OOD constitutes a building development entity which performs activities related to construction and management of residential and administrative buildings located mainly within the territory of Bulgaria. Over the past 20 years we have gained valuable experience in terms of successfully completed building planning and construction of different industrial, residential and commercial buildings in Sofia and hotels, and we have also performed repair and reconstruction of recreational facilities across the country.
Since 2012 the Company has been carrying out construction and installations works in member states of the EU / Germany /. The successful approach of the Company is based on its organizational structure consisting of the cooperation among the members of a team of highly qualified specialists who carry out the preparation, feasibility and project-related studies, the subsequent construction works for each site, as well as the further implementation of the aforementioned tasks.

“ESI-Ko” OOD has become a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber since 1997. The Company is registered in the Central Professional Registry of Construction Companies and is holder of all groups and categories required to perform its own relevant activities. The company is holder of ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification.




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Complete comprehensive study, design, construction, sales and management.

Design, turnkey construction projects and sales of houses, residential property and public buildings.

Design and construction of industrial and other types of buildings.

Interior design projects and finishing work with regard to luxury apartments, offices, shops, etc.

Reconstruction, repair and finishing construction and installation works of buildings

Real estate sale and management.


“Over the past 20 years, due to the great professional experience we’ve gained in terms of a considerable number of entirely completed construction projects and buildings, and due to our creative spirit and successful management, “ESI Ko” proved to be one of the most important construction development companies”.

Ethical approach and commitment to highest professional standards – these are the principles which flow from our Purpose and Values and which will keep being the main approach maintained for our future work.

The most important assets that give us professional satisfaction are the sites we have successfully completed, and the partnerships and friends that we have created over the years.

We intend to keep maintaining the standards of this high level of performance. ”

Krasmir Valkov


АКТ 15

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